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A swashbuckling space opera, Bastion Saturn is a dramatic, often humorous, action-packed romp that explores the best and worst of humankind while questioning the very definition of humanity.

The Author finds trouble while discussing
Of Sudden Origin

Straight ahead Sci-Fi at its best!

First class space opera. Rip ROARING adventure


The books would work well on the big screen

— Amazon Reviews

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A relentless tale of heroism, cowardice, cruelty, barbarity, fear, lust and love.

Perhaps once in an epoch, events force evolution to take a giant leap and a life form arises that is aberrant to that from which it sprang. This process is known to science as Of Sudden Origin.

Easily one of The Best Apocalyptic Books I've ever read! — Amazon Reviews

The Future is Now Cov. V2.png

The future is already upon us in this action-packed thriller.

A small group of NGOs find themselves caught up in a sinister plot to bring the world to a roasting end.

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Scratch & Sniff is Mr. Harwood's first

YA Novel.

Two hapless entertainers come from a Universe where physics is more like cartoons. 

Escaping from the wrath of their evil monster overlords, Scratch & Sniff find themselves zooming through a vortex to land in Kansas USA. The trouble only starts from there.

My style as a writer is to let the tale come to me rather than heavily plot an outline. This organic telling results in my enjoying the same delight as the reader. As the story unfolds, the characters reveal the twists and turns, their individual branches leading to where there is most light. Relationships bud and collapse, conflicts abound, existence is pondered, and finally a satisfying resolution presents itself. And of course there is action. I am a literary adrenaline junky. It is my job to build your curiosity, tease your senses and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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