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No, this Capuchin Monkey is not trying to eat my face,  but read Children Of Fiends to see why I'm smiling.

Literary Adrenaline Junky

C. Chase Harwood (aka Chris) made a career in Hollywood, decorating sets for such hits as THE BIG BANG THEORY and WILL & GRACE before turning his passion for storytelling into clicks on a keyboard. Between assaults on the walls of the screenwriting world, he chose to experiment with prose and found a fondness for Action-Adventure, particularly in the form of Sci-Fi and the Paranormal. From Space Opera to The Apocalyptic, he gets to explore the countless ways that humans interact while under duress. "Life is all the more lived when the consequences are high. When told as a tale it can be quite a page-turner," says Harwood. He lives in Los Angeles with his costume designer wife and young boy girl twins.


I really appreciate your interest in my work and I hope you’ll come back and give a review. The following are some other storytellers with whom I feel a kindred spirit: Cormac McCarthy, Frederick Forsyth, Tess Gerritsen, Nelson DeMille, Wilbur Smith, Ken Follett, Lauren Groff, Neal Stephenson, Scott Sigler, Stephen King, James S.A. Corey, Larry McMurtry, Elmore Leonard, Kate DiCamillo, William Goldman, Ray Bradbury, Rudyard Kipling, Bernard Cornwell, Douglas Adams, Tom Wolf, Ian Fleming, Colleen McCullough, James Clavell, Carl Haasen, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clark, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Ludlum, Robert Louis Stevenson, Michael Crichton, and Hugh Howey.


"Pretty big shoes..."

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