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The Cover for the book Of Sudden Origin, Best Zombie Book
If you enjoyed The Last of Us...

Of Sudden Origin


Call them zombies if you must; America, is at the mercy of a ruthless infection that devolves the intellect into that of a simian fiend. Horrible, yes, merciless, yes, blood thirsty, unquestionably - but it is the offspring of the infected who will change the world: The children of the Fiends are a mutant mind controlling abomination, and there is no defense against them.


Jon Washington is one misstep from being torn apart, eaten alive or becoming a psychotic killer. Broken down in a New Hampshire forest with millions of psychopathic Americans marching on his heals, he meets Nikki Rosen, a disgraced Marine. Together they will cross a crucible of Apocalyptic challenges that has outwitted and killed the most resilient among us.


In an effort to solve what is being called The Cain’s pandemic, a Hot Zone Team of CDC scientists backed by Special Forces will go to Florida. Along the way they will stare into the the very face of evil.

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