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Since the beginning, nature has revised and deleted her various life forms. Versions of man have been dominant for hundreds-of-thousands if not millions of years. Africanus, Habilis, Erectus, Neanderthal, and many more have returned to the dust from which we all come. At times they have overlapped with one another and even interbred until a dominant new design supplants that which came before. Telepathus is here now. “What of us?” asks the Sapiens. Perhaps Sapiens has had its time too...

The cover for th book Children of Fiends, Book 2 of th Of Sudden Origin saga, Best Zombie Book

The Post Apocalyptic Saga continues...

Children Of Fiends


Ten years have passed since the modern world was riddled with FNDz (Frontal Negation Dementia) and North America fought to the edge of extinction. America has folded in on itself in perfect isolation. Infected but medically stabilized people live in exile, and beyond the wall known as the Terminus, a new species of Man is growing stronger every day.


On the isolated Mid-Atlantic peninsula of Delmarva, a splinter group of Americans led by a man without morals, have created their own nation. A group of them will follow a team of Northern explorers into the very heart of darkness, awakening the new species to the competition that Homo Sapiens really are.

Children Of Fiends - Part 1 - Winter Is Passing

We are not alone. Nature has fostered another race of sentient beings.


A boy living at the edge of the Terminus decides to explore the world beyond. An infected but stabilized sea captain is coerced into going on a grand exploration. An island that once harbored the nation’s animal experiments plays host to something only just barely tamed, and piracy on the high seas will become commonplace once again.


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